Fisher Family Science Trail - Now open

Enjoy the outdoors while continuing your science exploration! The upgraded quarter-mile trail connects 15 new exhibits, including a Physics Forest, FPL SolarScape, human sundial, gem panning station, shark tooth dig pit, a dinosaur walk, picnic areas and much more! 

Dinosaur Invasion Exhibit - On Display October 13th, 2018 - April 21st, 2019

Dinosaurs are returning to the South Florida Science Center, even bigger than before! Journey back millions of years and experience the largest exhibit we’ve ever had during this indoor and outdoor expedition. See how you size up against life-size animatronic Triceratops, Raptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and even the giant Spinosaurus!

Aquariums of the Atlantic

The Science Center’s 10,000 gallon Aquariums of the Atlantic house some of Florida’s most beautiful native fish such as Queen Angels, Lookdowns, Moray Eels, Stingrays and seahorses as well as a few fish that have invaded Florida’s coasts. The different habitats take visitors through the depths of our coral reefs and interpret Florida’s diverse ecosystems of the Everglades, Coral Reefs, Gulf Stream, and the Open Ocean. There are daily touch tank demonstrations at 10:45am and 11:45am and live feedings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 1 p.m.

The Conservation Course

NOW OPEN! The Conservation Course is an 18-hole miniature course designed by Jim Fazio and Gary Nicklaus, located in the Science Center's beautiful backyard. Surrounded by butterflies and babbling brooks, we welcome guests of all ages to experience miniature golf like never before. 

Marvin Dekelboum  Planetarium

The planetarium is a 68-seat theater including advanced full-dome digital projection equipment, laser machine and a Spitz star projector. Palm Beach County’s only public planetarium features a rich history and modern technology to transport visitors beyond the skies. Please see our Planetarium page for show descriptions and pricing.


Our newly-renovated Observatory features a Meade LX600, a go-to scope, meaning that an onboard computer and GPS allows the scope to scan the skies and give the viewer the opportunity to view thousands of objects that would not normally be seen with the naked eye. Visit our Observatory on the last Friday of every month during Nights at the Museum.  

The Hidden World of the Everglades

The interactive exhibition immerses the visitor in Florida’s wildlife, indigenous and invasive, and various Everglades ecosystems.


Florida Conservation Station

This learning laboratory includes hands-on experiments and research activities that transform visitors into real-world biologists. The station gives visitors an idea of the immense variety of life in Florida and complex relationships among living things.

Science on a Sphere

Science on a Sphere (SOS) is a room-sized global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six-foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. Researchers at NOAA developed the SOS as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere.

States of Matter

Explore the basic principles of science with hands-on displays representing the states of matter, including solid, liquid, gas and plasma displays. Continue through the gallery for more basic principles of electricity revealed through conversion machines and Jacob’s Ladder. 


Out of This World

See our collection of rare space artifacts and real rocks from space. Touch a 232 pound meteorite or spend a few minutes watching Apollo 14 highlights while you view a real moon rock brought back on an Apollo mission. This collection also features a Mars rock found in Nigeria in 1962.

Discovery Center and Early Childhood Playground Powered by PNC Grow Up Great

Children 6 years old and younger can play and discovery in their very own space!  The Center's features include a giant 16 x 5-foot water table, a wall-sized Lite Brite play area, lounge area for parents, story time area with bookshelves, a dress-up area with photo booth, BRAND NEW outdoor playground and more.

Nanotechnology  Exhibit

Nano is an interactive exhibition that engages family audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology.  Visitors will be able to build a giant model of a carbon nanotube, explore progressively smaller magnetic materials, and explore the relative effects of static electricity and gravity using the Static vs. Gravity discs.

Brain Teasers

Exercise your mind with puzzling challenges for all ages!