Summer Camps

From Winter and Spring Camps to a full Summer of fun, the Science Center in West Palm Beach offers year-round excitement and learning for young scientists ages 4-14!


$255 for non-members & $230 for members

June 10th – 14th (Ages 4-12) - Vroom! Zoom! Boom!

Ages 4-8 SOLD OUT.  

Cars, boats, planes, and trains! Get a crash course in physics as we find out what it takes to get where we want to go. Build model cars, launch bottle rockets and test which paper plane designs fly the best. Even try to send a trash can rocket to the moon!

June 17th – 21 (Ages 4-12) - The Chamber of Science 

Ages 4-8 SOLD OUT. 

Calling all wizards and witches! Join us for this fun-filled magical adventure where you will explore the art of levitation, attend a potions class to brew dry ice potions and learn to cast spells of electricity and fire. Minds at the ready!

June 24th – 28th (Ages 4-12) - CSI: Spy Academy

Oh no! There have been a string of thefts at the Science Center! Become Crime Scene Investigators and help us track down the bandits. Learn how we test for fingerprints, blood samples, and DNA to narrow down the list of suspects. Will you crack the case?

July 1st – 5th, 4-day Camp (Ages 4-12) - Astro World

We have liftoff! Explore the depths of space in an out-of-this-world experience that will have you identifying constellations, studying the planets, and training like an astronaut. Do you have the guts to complete our Astronaut Training Course? Take the giant leap

*$204 non-member & $184 member rate due to short holiday week

July 8th – 12th (Ages 4-12) - Survivor: Camping Xtreme

What would you do if you were stranded with no help? Science of course! Join us on a wilderness adventure as we teach you how to use chemistry to build a fire, forage for food like a botanist and build a survival structure like an engineer. Do you have what it takes to survive?

July 15th – 19th (Ages 4-12) - Rambunctious Rainforests

The world around us is buzzing with life! Journey around the world with us as we study the many aspects of life from the sands of the desert to the endless treetops of the rainforest. Taste interesting diets, study unique habitats, and come face to face with wild animals! Adventure awaits.

July 22nd – 26th (Ages 4-12) - Past, Present, Future!

Science as we know it today has been forged by great minds of the past. Travel back in time as we look at some of the most amazing scientific discoveries! Electrify the air with a Tesla Coil, study the stars like Galileo, build circuits to light the way like Edison, and more. Talk about a blast from the past.

July 29th – August 2nd (Ages 4-12) - Kitchen Chemistry

Ages 4-5 sold out. Ages 6-8 almost sold out. Please call (561) 370-7707 to check availability.

We’re cooking up new sciences for everyone! Get whisked away as we explore the chemical nature of all things food. Trick the senses with our Smell & Taste Test, cook up creamy liquid nitrogen ice cream and 3D print your own pancake designs using our PancakeBot! Science has never tasted so good.

August 5th – 9th (Ages 4-12) - Festival of Science!

Come one, come all to the most exciting week of camp ever concocted as we host our Festival of Science! Explore the best sciences from this past summer including rocket launches, dissections, 3D-printed pancakes, and more. Send summer out with a bang with our 5th Annual End-of-Summer Science Spectacular full of games, music, face painting, and the chance to pie your counselors in the face! It’s the event everyone at school will be talking about.



$305 for non-members & $280 for members

June 10th – 14th (Ages 7-14) - From Code to Creation

With the power of today’s technology, our imagination is only bound by our ability to code. See how far your coding skills can take you as we create 3D designs, web pages, and more!

June 17th – 21 (Ages 7-14) - MineCraftEDU: Next Level

Time to take our learning to the Next Level! Using Minecraft Education Edition, push the limits to the absolute max as we code, collect, break and create like never before in order to bring the science to the extreme.

June 24th – 28th (Ages 7-14) - Forge Ahead

Take your imagination to the next level as we forge our way from idea to finished product in mere minutes! Using our Glowforge Laser Printer, campers will create and enhance amazing projects using different materials like wood, glass, acrylic and leather.

July 1st – 5th, 4-day week (Ages 7-14) - Make Control, Take Control 

*$244 non-member & $224 member rate due to short holiday week

Ever wondered what it takes to build your own video game controller? From Super Mario to Smash Brothers, Flash Pong to Fortnite, test your gaming skills as we build our way through video game history using custom-built controllers with our Makey Makey kits. Game on!

July 8th – 12th (Ages 7-14) - DRL: Drone Reimagination League

Drones have taken over our airways! Take to the skies as we learn how to pilot these drones, use them to survey the land below and compete in our Drone Racing League competition

July 15th – 19th (Ages 7-14) - Simulation: Initiated

With today’s technology, reality is no longer bound to what is physical. Venture into the realm of virtual and augmented reality as we take you to places never before possible and generate new realities right before your eyes. Beginning simulation sequence in 5...4...3...2...1...

July 22nd – 26th (Ages 7-14) - Movie Magic!

Lights, camera, action! Be the star of your very own production with this star-studded week of videography and fun. Film your own masterpiece using a green screen while watching the power of technology at work as your movie comes alive right before your eyes. Finish the week with our red carpet event as we present to you our SFSCA Film Festival!

July 29th – August 2nd (Ages 7-14) - Mindstorm: Into Orbit

Build your future alongside our First LEGO League coaches as we attempt to go where few have gone: Space! Using our LEGO robotics kits, your team will build a rover strong enough, fast enough and smart enough to beat our Lunar Gauntlet.  


ATTENTION PARENTS - Please be aware that our new system charges your card up-front for the exact weeks of camps purchased.



Camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm. Before/After care (7:30am-5:30pm) is an additional charge of $10 per day.

Age groups for camps: Science Camp 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. Tech Camp 7-8, 9-10, 11-14

Please call (561) 832-2026 for more information.

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We are a nut free facility. Any food, snacks, or drinks containing these allergens are not permitted. 

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We are offering one more Summer Camp Scholarship for girls in Title 1 Schools only in Palm Beach County thanks to Fox Rothschild Law Firm! Camper can pick one from any of our 10 weeks of science or tech camps and must attend all 5 days. For a chance to attend camp free of cost, please fill out this application and submit to Zary Roque at by June 21st, 2019. Winners of the scholarship will be notified by June 23rd, 2019.


NASA Camp is now closed. We have a few spots open for our FREE NASA Innovative Mars Exploration Education and Technology (IMEET) Program from June 10 - 21 (from 9am-4pm) at the Science Center. This is a two-week NASA-sponsored summer camp where high school students work together in team-based competitions to design ground and aerial robots for future Mars Exploration missions. This is for students entering 10th, 11th and 12th grade for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please submit this application to Chris Pait at by Friday, June 7th, 2019.