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Drink up, Get Smart. 

Stay tuned for the next event! If you know a local scientist or technologist that is interested in presenting at Science on Tap, email

Join us for the first-ever VIRTUAL Science on Tap in partnership with UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute! The event you know and love will return as soon as it is safe to do so. For now, enjoy the virtual program where we get more fun and creative than ever before.

This is a 21+ event series. Please arrive early to secure a seat and a brew! 

Modeled after "Science Cafes", Science on Tap is the only place in Palm Beach County where for the price of a cup of coffee, a quality craft beer, or a smooth glass of wine, anyone can come to discuss the latest trends in science and technology with a world-class scientist. With a motto to ‘drink up – get smart,’ you know you are in for a casual-education session, as the goal of the program is for guests to have fun while learning a little bit more about everyday curiosities. 

May Guest Speaker: Dr. Marie Trone, Professor of Biology at Valencia College

Where: ZOOM. Register here.

When: Thursday, May 21st, 2020 @ 7pm

Topic: "Bioacoustics: What the Planet has to say"

About the Presenter: Marie has been working as a Professor of Biology at Valencia College in central Florida since January of 2011. She has taught a variety of classes to both science majors and general education students. Each semester she leads field trips to various locations along the Florida coastline as part of her marine biology courses. She also leads an environmental science study abroad course, exposing students to the amazing biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon and Andes Highlands. Together, Marie and her colleagues hope to develop a method that will allow people to individually identify dolphins based upon unique acoustic features (voice recognition) to improve the accuracy of collecting population data.

Bites and Brews: This event is in partnership with Due South Brewing and Savoury Eats food truck. Purchase your bites and cold brews TOGO before our virtual Science on Tap. They will have Tangerine Category 3 IPA’s on special to match Dr. Marie’s place of residence (Orange County). The food truck is located outside of Due South Brewery. Both will be open from 3-7pm. We'll raise a virtual toast!

For more information about this event, please email

No ticket required -- Admission is FREE! Seating is limited, please arrive early. Presentation starts @ 7pm and runs 30min. plus Q-n-A after. Beverages available for purchase provided by the venue.