Science on Tap

Drink up, Get Smart. 

This is a 21+ event series. Please arrive early to secure a seat and a brew! 

Modeled after "Science Cafes", Science on Tap is the only place in Palm Beach County where for the price of a cup of coffee, a quality craft beer, or a smooth glass of wine, anyone can come to discuss the latest trends in science and technology with a world-class scientist. With a motto to ‘drink up – get smart,’ you know you are in for a casual-education session, as the goal of the program is for guests to have fun while learning a little bit more about everyday curiosities. 


December Guest Speaker: Vicki Sarajedini, Professor of Physics at Florida Atlantic University 

Where: SaltWater Brewery; 1701 W Atlantic Ave., #15666, Delray Beach, FL 33444

When: Thursday, December 12th, 2019 @ 7pm

Topic: Going Beyond: The Search for Supermassive Black Holes

About the Presenters: Vicki Sarajedini received her Bachelors degree in physics and math from Mount Union College in Ohio and her PhD in astrophysics from the University of Arizona. In her dissertation research, she studied some of the first galaxy survey images obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope to look for morphological evidence of galaxies with supermassive black holes. She went on to post-doctoral positions at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Wesleyan University before coming to the University of Florida in 2001 as a professor in the Department of Astronomy. She recently arrived at the FAU Physics Department in 2018 and continues her research to better understand galaxies that contain supermassive black holes accreting material from their surrounding host galaxies, how the process starts and what effects it has on the rest of the galaxy.


For more information about this event, please call (561) 370- 7740. If you know a local scientist or technologist that is interested in presenting at Science on Tap, email

No ticket required -- Admission is FREE! Seating is limited, please arrive early. Presentation starts @ 7pm and runs 30min. plus Q-n-A after. Beverages available for purchase provided by the venue.