Afterschool STEM Series at STEM Studio

An afterschool series from February - May 2020

Participants ages 5-13 will learn all about the STEM field with hands-on activities. From creating their own polymer to investigating forensics, our scientists will explore the way STEM can be found all around them. 


Who: South Florida Science Center and Aquarium Educators

When: Select Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm

Where: STEM Studio 1209 Main St, Unit 112, Jupiter, FL 33458

Cost: $15 per participant per class


Upcoming Sessions:

February 20: Rube Goldberg Mazes - Wrr, Klunk, Swoop! A maze has a start and a finish, but a Rube Goldberg machine has adventure in the middle. Come learn about transitions and physics as we design mazes all around STEM Studio.

March 5: Squid Dissection - Cephalopods might seem strange, but they're unique and interesting in many ways. Drop in to learn how the insides of a squid compare and contrast to those of a human. 

March 19: Chemical Concoctions - Chemistry is the natural science involved with mixing substances and figuring out what happens. Don your lab coats as we combine reactants to make both endothermic and exothermic reactions!

April 2: What's Up Weather? - Weather patterns are predictable in Florida, until of course they are not. Learn about pressure, rain, clouds, and tornadoes in today's meteorological class. 

April 16: Technology Today - Robotics and coding are the latest hype, but their technology has been around for a long time. Get a closer look at what it means to be a technological advancement and practice your ability to construct some robots. 

April 30: Chemistry and Sodas - Soda pop became popular because of the extra gas added to the liquid. Learn about carbonation and create your own carbonated drink as we explore the chemistry behind soda making.

May 14: Circuit Science - Circuits are simple circles with particular wiring. Learn about electron movement in today's class and take home your very own circuit creations.

May 28: Solar Ovens - Some tape, some paper, and a pizza box will create your very own oven, which gets up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny day! Come make your own oven and try cooking up some s'mores. 


For questions, or to register via phone, please call 561-832-2026, or email