Afterschool STEM Series at STEM Studio

An afterschool series from September 5th - December 19th

Participants ages 5-13 will learn all about the STEM field with hands-on activities. From creating their own polymer to investigating forensics, our scientists will explore the way STEM can be found all around them. 


Who: South Florida Science Center and Aquarium Educators

When: Select Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:30pm

Where: STEM Studio 1209 Main St, Unit 112, Jupiter, FL 33458

Cost: $15 per participant per class


Upcoming Sessions:

September 5- Rube Goldberg Designs: A puzzle or a maze? Challenge your friends to a competition of distance and speed as we use Goldberg's idea to create new paths.

September 19- Rocketry and Propulsion: 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Join us as we make our own paper rockets and learn why they always go up, even if they don't always go far. 

October 3- Money Magic: Currency and markets are meant for adults, but your allowance says otherwise. Learn how money has changed and how yours can be put to better use, even if that only means convincing mom to buy ice cream instead of cereal tonight. 

October 17- Dynamic Dinosaurs: Ancient and majestic, these reptiles still fascinate us today. Bring a friend to test your knowledge on some major dino-facts.

October 31- Anthropological Digs: Dinosaurs are cool, but human history is just as interesting. Don an anthropologist's gear as we dive into the findings of human culture.

November 7- Squid Dissection: These ocean creatures range from the size of your finger to the size of a whale. Join us to look inside our cephalopod friends and better understand why they move the way they do.

November 21- Intro to 3D Design: 3D Modeling takes your imagination and brings it to life. Come learn how to design your own creations and take home a 3D printed keychain.

December 5- Detective Science: Forensics looks awesome on TV, but what does it really mean to be a crime scene investigator? Bring a friend to learn how the shows mirror real science and solve a mini-mystery. 

December 19- Coding with Dash: The future has many possibilities, but it seems all of it will be written in code. Come learn how to program a robot and see why this is the language of the future. 


Call 561-832-2026 for more information.