Homeschool Classes

Welcome to the world of exciting Homeschool Classes!

We offer homeschool classes for K-2nd grade, 3rd through 5th and middle school students on a variety of topics. Classes involve fun experiments and interactive labs designed to present a rich science experience, increase students’ critical thinking skills, engage students in active discussions and enrich the school curricula.

Cost Per Participant: $15 For Members, $20 For Non-Members. Fee includes admission to the Science Center and class for one child and one adult. 

Register below or call (561) 370-7707. 

Check-in at the front desk and the location for this series will be provided. 

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Grades / Times
Middle School K - 2nd  Grade 3rd - 5th Grade
11:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm - 2:00pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm

February 5th Engineering Windmills:

Wind is a wonderful source of renewable energy that has been used in many ways. In this session, we’ll take a look at how we currently use energy from the wind to make electricity. We’ll also use “wind” energy to light up a light bulb as we assemble and test wind turbines.

February 19th Technology Today:

Learn some of the fundamental ideas of circuits and basic robotics as we experiment with modular robot creations.

March 4th Frog Dissection:

Study and observe how anatomical structures differ throughout the animal kingdom. Learn how individual body parts work together as body systems devoted to specific biological functions.

March 18th History of Astronomy/Planetary Motion:

Our understanding of the universe is constantly changing as new technologies allow us to gain more knowledge. We’ll talk about the basics of what we know and how we know it as we look at the evolution of astronomy and planetary science.

April 1st Simple Machines:

A machine is something that takes energy and converts it into a more useful or efficient form. It sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be. A machine can be something as simple as a wheel or a ramp. This lab will feature hands-on demonstrations and experiments using some of the most classic examples of simple machines.

Apr 15th - Programming with Dash

Learn how we communicate with machines and tell them what we want them to do. Practice thinking like a computer as you program an adorable blue robot named Dash.

April 29th Marble Roller Coasters:

Physical energy can be stored or used to do work. Explore the difference between these types of energy and how energy can be transformed from one type to another.

May 13th Engineering Parachutes:

Engineering blends science, critical thinking, and creativity to produce amazing things. You’ll need all three of them to complete this week’s challenge. Using the materials provided, you must design a contraption that will keep your cargo safe while falling through the air.

May 27th Lunar Science and Telescopes:

Discover more about our closest celestial neighbor and how we can see things far away in space.

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