Homeschool Classes

Welcome to the world of exciting Homeschool Classes!

We offer homeschool classes for K-2nd grade, 3rd through 5th and middle school students on a variety of topics. Classes involve fun experiments and interactive labs designed to present a rich science experience, increase students’ critical thinking skills, engage students in active discussions and enrich the school curricula.

Cost Per Participant: $15 For Members, $20 For Non-Members. Fee includes admission to the Science Center and class for one child and one adult. 

Register below or call (561) 832-2026. 

This series takes place at the Science Center in our Discovery 3 Classroom. 

Grades / Times
Middle School K - 2nd  Grade 3rd - 5th Grade
11:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm - 2:00pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm


Fall 2018 Schedule

September 12th- Shark Science: Sharks are fascinating creatures and a crucial part of our ocean ecosystems. This session will cover the basics of shark behavior, anatomy, and their critical role in keeping our oceans healthy. 

September 26th - Animal Adaptations: Our planet is home to a vast variety of habitats each with their own unique living conditions. In order to thrive in these diverse environments, organisms must find ways to conform to their environment over time. We’ll learn about this process, called adaptation, and see how it can lead to creative and intriguing ways that plants and animals cope with their environment.

October 10th- Cells: Cells are often called the “building blocks of life.” What does that mean? We’ll answer that question along with many others as we explore these “living Legos.”

October 24th - Atmosphere: The atmosphere is one of the unsung heroes of planet Earth. It very often goes unnoticed but without it, we wouldn’t be here. This session will investigate the importance of the air around us.

November 7th - Soil Science: Believe it or not, there is much more to dirt than meets the eye. In this session, we’ll dig into the science underneath the soil with hands-on experiments.

November 14th - Intro to Oceanography: This class will introduce basic concepts of a science called physical oceanography. We’ll look at the geography of different ocean structures, ocean zones, and learn about the global ocean conveyor belt.

December 5th - Which Way Do We Go? People have been traveling the globe long before GPS and smartphones were invented. How did they manage that without Siri giving them directions? That’s what we’ll find out during this session as we look at old-fashioned methods of global positioning and navigation.

December 19th - Makey Makey: The Makey Makey is a computer accessory that can turn everyday objects into an extension of your computer’s keyboard. The concept behind this is basic circuit science. We’ll figure out exactly how these devices work and find fun new ways to interact with a computer during today’s session.