Homeschool Classes

Welcome to the world of exciting Homeschool Classes!

Cost Per Participant: $15 For Members, $20 For Non-Members. Fee includes admission to the Science Center and class for one child and one adult. Call (561) 832-2026 or click the registration button below to register today! 

The Fall 2017 series will take place at the Science Center in our Discovery 3 Classroom. 

Grades / Times
Middle School K - 2nd  Grade 3rd - 5th Grade
11:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm - 2:00pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm


September 20th – Nitromania

Students will see physical changes occur before their eyes as they learn about the states of matter in this “chilling” program about liquid nitrogen.


October 4th – Squishy Circuits

Students create their own functioning electrical circuits out of play dough! They’ll discover things like open and closed circuits, conductors and insulators, and the difference between series and parallel circuits.


October 18th – Digging Around the World

Students transform into paleontologist as they step back in time and dig for fossils to explore prehistoric worlds.


November 1st – Ecosystem in a Bottle

Students will learn about different habitats and ecosystems as they build their own self-contained terrarium.


November 15th – Owl Pellet Investigation

What can you learn from owl vomit? A lot, actually! Students will investigate owl-friendly, non-disgusting synthetic owl pellets in this week’s lesson.


November 29th – Shark Trek

Using real field practices and problem solving skills, students will learn how marine biologists tag and track these amazing and important animals.


December 13th – What’s the Matter?

Students will have the opportunity to make their own polymers while conducting experiments that reinforce chemistry concepts of atoms, molecular interactions, and states of matter.


December 20th – Light Painting

Our fall session finishes with a little festivity! Students will learn how to create their own intriguing artwork using a little bit of science and some imagination.