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Welcome to the world of exciting Homeschool Classes!

We now offer virtual and in-person options for 3rd - 5th grade and 6th - 8th grade students on a variety of topics. Classes involve fun experiments and interactive labs designed to present a rich science experience, increase students’ critical thinking skills, engage students in active discussions and enrich the school curricula.

Grades / Times
 Virtual Class (3rd - 8th)   In-person 3rd - 5th  Grade   In-person 6th - 8th Grade 
10:00am - 11:00am 12:00pm - 1:00pm 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Links for virtual sessions will be emailed after registration. For in-person classes, safety guidelines such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and cleanliness procedures will be enforced. Check-in at the front desk when you arrive. Class will be strictly drop-off only. Maximum number of students is 12 per in-person class. 

This schedule is for the West Palm Beach location. For classes in Abacoa at STEM Studio, please click here.


Cost Per Participant: 

$20 non-member, $15 members for both virtual and in-person classes. One adult admission is included. Additional guests will be required to pay general admission to the science center unless they are members.

Upcoming Sessions:

April 7th In-Person Classes Only

Paleontology: Have you ever wondered how scientists find and dig up fossils? Have you ever wondered how we can learn anything from a pile of really old bones? Learn the answers to these questions and make your own fossil replica in this week’s class!


April 21st In-Person Classes Only

The Science of Art: Science and art may seem like two completely different worlds but they overlap much more often than we may realize. We will get creative with art projects as we learn the science of “painting” with light.


May 5th In-Person Classes Only

Explore the Outdoors: Roll up your sleeves as we take a journey through the outdoors. As we explore, we will be learning about the habitats that are right in our own backyard. We’ll identify animals that have been here for centuries and some that don’t quite belong.


May 19th In-Person Classes Only

Our Solar System: What if planetary travel was as simple as pressing a button? Come along as we travel our solar system looking for what makes our home in the universe so special. Our planetary neighbors will be explored like never before, using our S.O.S (Science on a Sphere) exhibit.


To register, call (561) 832-2026 or email

**Before you register** Please note that once your order goes through, your name is automatically added to our will call list and you do not need to do anything else. You should receive a confirmation email with your order number. Check-in at Admissions when you arrive for the program.