FLL Robotics Team

Summer is winding down, school is back in session, and a brand new season of the FIRST LEGO League is under way! The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is thrilled to begin its 4th season participating in this unique opportunity.

Monday Nights starting October 9th from 6-8pm through December or January depending on the tournament schedule.

What is FIRST LEGO League?

Tomorrow’s innovators practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. Guided by two or more adult Coaches, FIRST LEGO League teams (up to 10 members, ages 9-14) research a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and are challenged to develop a solution. They also must design, build, program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, and then compete on a table-top playing field.

It all adds up to tons of fun while they learn to apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM), plus a big dose of imagination, to solve a problem. Along their journey, they develop critical thinking and team-building skills, basic STEM applications, and even presentation skills, as they must present their solutions with a dash of creativity to judges. They also practice the Program’s Core Values, which emphasize discovery, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

What is this season’s challenge?

Drink in the 2017/2018 HYDRO DYNAMICS season and learn all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. In the 2017/2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge, students age 9 to 14 from 80 countries will make a splash with HYDRO DYNAMICS. What might become possible when we understand what happens to our water?

Who can participate?

The really cool thing about FIRST LEGO League is…all skill levels are welcomed and needed, technical or non-technical. Teams need all kinds of skills and creativity to succeed, so what are you good at? Chances are we have a job for you. And we’ll probably teach you a few new ones while you’re with us.

Youth team members are encouraged to bring any skills or interests they already have, but most importantly a desire to learn and solve problems as a team. FIRST LEGO League welcomes every student, with or without special skills.

Our FLL team meets on Monday nights from 6:00pm - 8:00pm starting on Oct. 9th. Qualifying tournaments generally take place on weekends during Dec/Jan with regional and state championships typically being held in Feb/March.

Applications should be emailed to [email protected] by Sep 31st. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION.

For more info on FIRST, FIRST LEGO League, or this season’s challenge please visit: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/fll