ARISS Essay Contest

Essay contest winners will speak to orbiting astronauts in space during the week of November 6th.

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

Essay winners will be invited to a special ceremony and connect with real Astronauts aboard the ISS. The students will each ask 1 question from their winning essay. 

Christopher Andersson, St. Andrew's School, "What is the most unexpected discovery you have made when doing your science experiments on the International Space Station?"

Eli Fratello, Manatee Elementary, "What do you think the future of air travel will be?"

Kamia Williams, Glade View Elementary, "What is your favorite thing to do in space that feels different than it does here on Earth?"

Dishika Parikh, Elbridge Gale Elementary, "How easy or difficult is it for astronauts to adjust their body's circadian rhythms knowing that it is always dark in space?"

Josetta Wang, Green Acreas Elementary, "If you had suddenly received orders to turn back to earth, what would be the last think you do in space before you head back?"

Nicholas Cruz, Calusa Elementary, "What experiment do you consider to be the one that has best helped us live better on Earth, or one that has helped out the most with space exploration?"

Logan Roe, Everglades Elementary, "Can we launch a rocket from space or from the moon to make it to Mars?"

Hanna Soffan, The Benjamin School, "How does it feel to be at zero gravity?"

Anthony Williams, Roosevelt Middle, "How does an astronaut maneuver the rocket in space?"

Isabella Swiger, Western Pines Middle, "How do Astronauts manage their clothing and do you do laundry in space?"

Lucy Newmyer, Palm Beach Day Academy, "What was your biggest fear during your mission?"

Trakwon Harris, Gaines Park Community Center, "What are the steps of becoming an Astronaut?"



Write a 250-word essay on the following topic: "If you had a chance to ask an astronaut any question, what would it be and why?"  Submit the essay by October 13th to your school administrators who will then choose a winning essay from your school.  From there, winning school essays will be submitted to a panel of judges at the South Florida Science Center. A lucky group of 15 students will be chosen to speak to astronauts in space. The essay contest is open to all Palm Beach County public, private and home schoolers in grades 3 - 12.