Take-Home STEM Kits

Different themed kits available each month!

October 1st – 31st Extended through November 27th
Join us for an interactive month of virtual and in-person programs focusing on the science of anatomy! Safety guidelines enforced for in-person activities. 

Virtual activities: 
⦁    Choose from 3 Anatomy STEM Kits to purchase online and pick up from the comfort of your own car (see below)
⦁    Use our QR code from the STEM bag to view a follow-along video from our Education team!

In-person activities:
⦁    Join us at our 11:30am STEM Interactive Presentation to receive a FREE STEM bag with paid admission. *Must be present for show in order to receive free bag. 
⦁    Each day is a different craft, so join us LIVE to learn all about the human body and have help from an Educator.  

Anatomy STEM Kits (3 options)

  • DIY Stethoscope-  Have you ever heard a heartbeat? Well now you can! Using these materials in this stem kit will allow you to make your very own stethoscope.
  • Pasta Skeleton Craft- Bones are very critical to giving our body support. Let’s dive into learning about the names of our bones and where they are located!
  • DIY Lungs-  Ever wondered what our lungs look like as we inhale and exhale? Create your very own set of lungs and learn how hard they work each and every day.

Purchase your $5 kit by adding the quantity desired to the cart below. Continue with the checkout process. Please make a note of which STEM back you would like. Once your order goes through, your name will automatically be added to a list. Pick up your kit anytime during regular business hours by pulling up to the front and calling (561) 832-1988. Someone will bring your kit out to your car