Science and Tech Camps

Join us for an exciting line-up of Fall and Winter Adventures! 

Please note the following camps take place at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium. For STEM Studio Jupiter camps in Abacoa, please click HERE!


One Day Science and Tech Camps

Monday, January 15th: Runnin’ Wild! (ages 4-12) 

Take a ride on the wild side as we explore the coolest animals at the Science Center! Meet Darwin the Bearded Dragon, Jane the Ball Python, and our amazing undersea friends in the Aquarium!

$50 for non-members, $45 for members 


Thanksgiving Science and Tech Camps

November 20th -22nd: Science Feast (Ages 4-12)

Make sure you come hungry for brain food and thirsty for knowledge; we are ready for a learning feast! Fill your brains (and belly!) with the science behind how food is grown, produced, and cooked.

$150 for non-member, $135 for members

November 20th -22nd: Makey Make It (Ages 7-14)

Get your creative juices flowing as we bring ordinary objects to life with the power of Makey Makey! Using conductive objects and a computer, campers will control, code, and create exciting projects out of everyday objects.

$180 for non-member, $165 for members


Winter Science and Tech Camps

December 26th -29th: Sub-Zero Science (Ages 4-12)

Come chill with our team of winter wizards as we conduct some of the “coolest” science experiments on the planet. Learn about the effects of liquid nitrogen and discover why space is so astronomically cold!

$200 for non-member, $180 for members

December 26th -29th: MinecraftEDU: FrostByte (Ages 7-14)

Journey into cyberspace as we explore the many wonders of MinecraftEDU! But there’s an issue…the climate is all out of whack. Can you navigate the changing landscapes and survive the elements? Put your skills to the test!

$240 for non-member, $220 for members

January 2nd -5th: Arctic Adventures (Ages 4-12)

Take the icy plunge into the arctic for a week of frosty fun! Learn about nature’s coolest biome, the frozen tundra, and discover the animals that call it home. How do they survive the harsh climate? Come find out!

$200 for non-member, $180 for members 

January 2nd -5th: Ready, Set, Game! (Ages 7-14)

Today’s digital world is full of exciting games and apps to play, but have you ever created your own? We’re putting you in the driver’s seat as we make our own video games using Clickteam Fusion 2.5, a powerful and user-friendly program that brings your wildest gaming fantasies to life. Game on!

$240 for non-member, $220 for members


Camp runs from 9:00am-4:00pm.

Before/After care (7:30am-5:30pm) is an additional charge of $10 per day.

For more information on what to bring to camp, click HERE. Please call (561) 832-2026 for more information.

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