Power Up: A Maker Experience

Race drones, control flight simulators, witness Battlebots and more!

On Display July 11th - September 13th, 2020

Experience today's tech like never before in our newest exhibit "Power Up!" presented by FPL.

Guidelines are in place to enforce social distancing, mask-wearing and cleanliness procedures.

  • Race drones through an obstacle course in DRONE ZONE*.
  • See famous Battlebots up close in the ROBO RIOT ARENA.
  • Take control of flight simulators*.
  • Witness 3D printers in action.
  • Create your own augmented reality landscape in "TopoBox," the world's coolest sandbox.
*These experiences are only available daily between 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm. 
To learn more about our safety guidelines, please click here.

Drones on Display

Ryze Tech's TELLO. Drone projection footage provided by the Maker Effect Foundation

Battlebots on Display

There are several bots on display in the Robo Riot zone, but the most well-known is the Witch Doctor
Robot Fighting isn’t just a TV show with larger than life robots.  Robot fighting events happen across the country year-round for all ages.  Many of the participants on Battlebots actively participate in events for smaller bots, that’s how most got their start.  
The arena on display was custom made in Las Vegas for Robotic Combat and shipped to Florida for assembly. It’s made of bulletproof glass. The spinning blades on these robots spin in the thousands of RPMs & can slice right thru each other. That’s the reason for the thick kick plates around the bottom of the arena. 


Special Thanks to our Exhibit Partners: