Hack Shack Tech Club

If you like to make, tinker, design, and engineer, then the Hack Shack Tech Club is for you!

This new club gives children the opportunity to explore science and technology in a whole new way as they experiment with computer programming and even design their very own video game!

Classes held the first Thursday of each month from 5pm-7pm. 


Upcoming 2017 sessions:


January 5th  – Desktop Siege Engines

Ballistics is the study of objects in unpowered flight. It’s the science behind medieval siege engines like catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, and lots of other really cool contraptions that can fling stuff a really long way. We’ll take a look at the physics behind these machines and make some miniature (non-lethal) versions of these iconic devices.


February 2nd  Augmented/Virtual Reality and DIY Smartphone Hololens

Explore some of the technology that makes virtual and augmented reality possible. We’ll also show you how to make a very simple lens that can produce holograms from your smartphone!


March 2nd – The “Art” of Coding

                Computers play a major role in the world of graphic design. Usually, artists use special programs that let them draw and manipulate images in real-time, right on their computer screen. But that’s not how things were done when computer graphics first started out. Programmers actually had to code their artwork. This session will show you how computers can turn lines of code into actual images as we program our own pieces of digital art.


April 6th – Virtual Magic 8-Ball

                There’s a good chance you’ve seen the Magic 8-Ball. This fortune-telling toy has been around for decades and still enjoys some popularity as a novelty item or retro toy. This month you’ll learn how to make a virtual Magic 8-Ball while practicing some basic programming techniques.


May 4th – Breadboards for Beginners

                No, we’re not giving cooking lessons. Breadboards are circuit boards that don’t require the use of solder (basically hot metal glue) to connect pieces of a circuit together. They can be very useful for prototyping new circuits or for beginning electronics enthusiasts to practice making simple circuits of their own.


**Please note: there will be no sessions in June, July or August. After that, Hack Shack will resume in September 2017**


Open to 5th-8th grade students

$15 for members*

$20 for non-members*

Call (561) 832-2026 for details!

*cost is per session


Limited space available, register your child today!

Click to download the registration form.  

email: programs@sfsciencecenter.org or call 561-832-2026

If you like to make, tinker, design, and engineer, then the Hack Shack Tech Club is for you!