Hack Shack Tech Club

If you like to make, tinker, design, and engineer, then the Hack Shack Tech Club is for you!

This club gives children in grades 5th-8th the opportunity to explore technology in a whole new way!

Classes held the first Thursday of each month from 5pm-7pm at the NEW Stiles-Nicholson STEM Education Center across the street from the Science Center.


Upcoming 2019 sessions (more to come!):

February 7th – Robocode

Program your very own virtual battle bot as you learn basic concepts behind object-based computer coding.

March 7th - CAD Creations

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, is used extensively in STEM industries as a way to make the design phase of a project easier, more efficient, and more uniform. CAD programs can be used to design projects for a wide variety of applications like engineering, construction, prototyping, 3D printing, and more. We’ll practice some of the fundamentals of CAD programs while designing your own laser-engraved souvenir.

April 4th - Soldering 

Soldering is an essential skill for anyone interested in electronics, computer science, and any number of tech-related careers and hobbies. Learn some valuable tips and techniques as you get some hands-on practice on your personal circuit board.

May 2nd – Notebook Binding

Add a little flair to your school supplies, arts and crafts, or journal with a one-of-a-kind, custom-made hardcover notebook. Design your cover and assemble your notebook from scratch while learning about the ancient practice of Coptic bookbinding.


Open to 5th-8th grade students

$15 for members*

$20 for non-members*

Call (561) 832-2026 for details!

*cost is per session


Limited space available, register your child today!

Click to download the registration form.  

email: programs@sfsciencecenter.org or call 561-832-2026

If you like to make, tinker, design, and engineer, then the Hack Shack Tech Club is for you!