FPL SolarScape

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The South Florida Science Center is thrilled to announce their latest addition to the Fisher Family Science Trail - The FPL SolarScape!

“We are grateful to Florida Power&Light Company for donating a major gift of $100,000 to name the SolarScape portion of the backyard that includes two of their new solar trees, a gem panning station, ‘Bubbleology,’ a human sundial and a pavilion for science encounters,” Science Center CEO, Kate Arrizza said

The solar trees are funded by customers who participate in the FPL SolarNow program. In addition to generating emissions-free energy from the sun, the unique look of these solar arrays helps raise awareness about solar energy, in addition to generating more emissions-free energy for the grid.

“FPL proudly operates 14 solar power plants throughout Florida, providing clean energy to hundreds of thousands of Floridians. We’re hard at work constructing four more right now, but most are in remote locations around the state where people don’t have the opportunity to see them,” said Pam Rauch, vice president of external affairs and economic development for FPL. “These solar trees provide Science Center visitors an opportunity to view solar panels up close, and are designed to inspire them to learn more about the benefits of renewable energy.”  

Also featured in the SolarScape, the Gem Panning Station inspires visitors to sift through water and soil to find their very own fossils and gemstones. “Bubbleology” is a station featuring tools to create enormous bubbles with soap and water. The Human Sundial invites guests to tell time with their shadow by standing on the corresponding date and using their body as a pointer. The process shines light on how shadows are created and how to tell time as long as the sun is out.

See the new additions for yourself during regular business hours or select evening events!

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